How to Find the Right Crystal for You

EARTH STAR CHAKRA Key issues: Everyday reality and groundedness. Picks up adverse environmental factors, such as geopathic stress and toxic pollutants. Imbalances or blockages lead to physical discomfort, feeling of helplessness, and inability to function practically.

Negative power: powerlessness

Positive power: empowerment

Dis-eases are lethargic: myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME), arthritis, cancer, muscular disorders, depression, psychiatric disturbances, autoimmune diseases

SACRAL CHAKRA Key issues: Creativity, fertility, acceptance of yourself as a powerful and sexual being. “Hooks” from other people make themselves felt, particularly from previous sexual encounters. Imbalances lead to infertility and blocked creativity.

Negative power: selfishness with low self-esteem

Positive power: self-worth, confidence


Dis-eases are toxic and psychosomatic: PMS, muscle cramps, reproductive blockages or diseases, impotence, infertility, allergies, addictions, eating disorders, diabetes, liver or intestinal dysfunction, irritable bowel, chronic back pain, urinary infections

BASE/ROOT CHAKRA Key issues: Basic survival instincts and security. Triggers the fight-or-flight response. Imbalances lead to sexual disturbances and feelings of being stuck, anger, impotence, frustration, and inability to let go.

Negative power: insecurity and alienation

Positive power: inner security and connectedness


Dis-eases are constant and low-level, or flare-up suddenly: stiffness in joints; chronic lower back pain; renal, reproductive, or rectal disorders; fluid retention; constipation (diarrhea if stuck open); varicose veins or hernias; bipolar disorder; glandular disturbances; personality and anxiety disorders; autoimmune diseases