Chakra correspondences: Earth star, base, sacral


Physiological correspondences: Detoxification, digestive and circulation systems, joints, prostate


Vibration: Earthy to medium, depending on color and type



Best used under the supervision of a qualified crystal healer, Obsidian works rapidly. It may bring on a healing challenge or provoke an emotional catharsis, and it reveals the reasons behind a dis-ease. Mahogany, Snowflake, Apache Tear, and Blue Obsidians work at a gentler pace than Black. Merciless in exposing character traits that require transformation, Obsidian encourages deep soul healing. It clears outdated mental constructs and thought forms, highlighting with absolute clarity what must change. Place Obsidian in a healing room to facilitate rapid release of core issues and absorb the negative energies released. At a physical level, Obsidian draws off negativity, assisting the body’s structures to energetically detoxify, soften, and realign. It aids past-life healing where unpleasant facts or deep trauma need to be faced and transformed.



If you have lost your power, Obsidian helps you address the issue and reempower yourself. It lets you look in the mirror of your inner being, going deep into the subconscious, facing what has to be faced, integrating your shadow, and transmuting the negativity of lifetimes to free your soul. With the Black variety you can explore and reframe the ancestral line. This is a stone of deep integrity that brings you back to your spiritual path.

Obsidian special healing bag