Chakra correspondences: Third eye


Physiological correspondences: Brain, liver, eyes, throat, reproductive organs, bones


Vibration: Earthy and high



Traditionally, Tiger’s Eye heals eye diseases and enhances night vision—it helps you see like a cat in the dark. It rebalances the body on all levels. In Chinese medicine, it restores harmony between yin and yang energies. One stone placed on either side of the head energetically rebalances the brain’s hemispheres. Crystal workers use Tiger’s Eye to assist digestion, lower blood pressure, and stimulate repair of broken bones. Placed over the reproductive organs, it may encourage fertility and resolve dis-ease arising from past experiences. Placed over the lower chakras, it stimulates the rise of kundalini. As Tiger’s Eye holds the energy of the sun, it may aid seasonal affective disorder and depression.




Tiger’s Eye teaches integrity and right use of power. If you have misused, abused, or failed to take hold of your power in the past, this stone shows you how to let power flow through you for the good of all. If you are spaced out and uncommitted or overly proud and willful, wearing it develops your personal will assertively but sensitively. If you find it difficult to remain optimistic, particularly when things seem to be going well, carrying Tiger’s Eye helps you trust in the future and set realistic goals for yourself. This stone balances your needs with others’ and promotes creative compromise. Golden Tiger’s Eye lets you make decisions from a place of reason rather than emotion.


Red Tiger’s Eye overcomes lethargy and gets you moving. Blue Tiger’s Eye relieves stress. Red stimulates the metabolism, Blue sedates it. Hawk’s Eye is traditionally a stone of protection and abundance that facilitates

Red Tiger Eye healing bracelet